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Department of Chemistry Office of the Chair

All phone numbers are area code (510), prefix either 642 or 643, unless otherwise noted.

Department of Chemistry
Room 419 Latimer Hall
Prof. Dan Neumark
Chair 3-9057
Prof. Ronald Cohen
Vice Chair of Instruction 2-2735
Prof. Jamie Cate
Vice Chair of Biological Grad Program 486-4033
Prof. Matthew Francis
Vice Chair of Synthetic Grad Program 3-9915
Prof. Phillip Geissler
Vice Chair of Physical Grad Program 2-8716
Prof. Anne Baranger
Director of Undergraduate Chemistry 2-0336
Homa R. Khamsi
Department Manager 3-9058
Faculty Support Grp Supv
Lauren Nakashima
Academic Personnel Coordinator 2-4032
Lynn Keithlin
Student Affairs Officer 2-5883
Aileen Harris
Student Affairs Officer 2-5884
Barbara McWilliams
Seminar Coordinator 3-0572
Robert Lamoreaux
Manager, Instructional Support 2-3448
Carisa Orwig
Chem Bio Program Graduate Program
(274 Stanley Hall) 666-3655
Theodosia "Doty" Valrey
Graduate Student Affairs Manager 3-0571

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