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Emeriti Faculty

Robert E. Connick

Professor Emeritus

phone: 510-524-4693


Professor Emeritus, born 1917; B.S., Ph.D. (1939,1942) UC Berkeley; Instructor (1943), Assistant Professor (1945), Associate Professor (1948), Professor (1952-1988), UC Berkeley; Research Associate, Manhattan Project (1943-46); Chair, Dept. of Chemistry (1958-60); Dean (1960-65), Acting Dean (1987-88), College of Chemistry; Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, (1965-67), The Vice Chancellor (1969-71), UC Berkeley; Chair, Berkeley Division, Academic Senate (1972), Chair, University-wide Academic Senate, UC (1982-83); Principal Investigator, LBL (1974-88); Guggenheim Fellow (1948, 1958); Elected to National Academy of Sciences (1963); Co-chair, Committee on Chemical Sciences, NRC (1979-81); Berkeley Citation (1971); Berkeley Medal (1988).

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